TFW Forum Agenda

July 8th 2014 July 9th 2014 July 10th 2014
Key note speech Key note speech Key note speech
Martin Fischer
The main recent areas of interest in foils’ development
Tom Speer
Recent developments in wingsails design
Andrew McDougall
A 40 years long experience in moth development and construction
Session 1
Story & Foiler Development
Session 3
Hydro & Aerodynamic solutions
Session 5
James Grogono
The Design of Icarus’ Hydrofoils
Thomas Zore
The wFoil concept. Applying the principles of transonic aerodynamics to hydrofoils
Andrea Avaldi
The interaction between fluid and structure
Phil Stevenson
The Moth leads the sailing world at foiling: 80 years of development
James Grogono
Stability control by surface piercing foils
Andrew MacPherson
GC32 role in spreading foiling knowledge and development
Davide Tagliapietra
Foil engineering developments.
New applications on mono and multi-hull sailing yachts
Hugues De Turckheim
Soft wing VS rigid wing. The experience of P28
Edoardo Bianchi
Minimizing structure. The experience of White Dragons
Philip Kenchington
Advanced structural monitoring
Session 2
Fluid dynamics
Session 4
Research & Prototype
Session 6
Sailing Experience and Tools
Giorgio Provinciali
Performance prediction models to support foils design
Thomas Jundt
“Looking for the synthesis between form and function: the story of Mirabaud LX”
Kevin Hall
Strategies to approach an AC35 Cup campaign
Mario Caponnetto
CFD tools for foils design
Chris Edwars
The delivery of a high technology program
Mitch Booth
From monotypes to AC
Don Montague
Problems and experiences in using foils on kiteboards
Katerine Knight
Fitness for foiling and high performance sailing
  Round Table Round Table
Foiling Classes
Jeremie Lagarrigue, Mirco Babini, …

(June 9th, 2014 – preliminary)