Tomaž Zore

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATomaž Zore was born in 1965 and by now he has built a successful career as an airline pilot. Presently he is flying an A320 Aircraft at Adria Airways (Slovene national carrier). His total flying hours are +12.000 and he has handled presidential and state flights as well.

He started the wFoil project just because of curiosity and continued it because of his life motto: No boarders, just horizons. As an aeronautical engineer and an airline pilot he has a vast knowledge and experience to transfer and apply onto the water surface projects. He approaches boat building with top-notch aviation solutions.

Tomaž Zore is the inventor of the wFoil concept, owner of the patent and founder of wFoil project.

wFoil project is developing a completely new hydro foil concept which took theoretical basis from transonic aerodynamics. Two “V” surface piercing hydrofoil setting is a perfect platform to exploit swept hydro foil design to its maximum and to control cavitations up to speeds greater than maximum speeds reached by hydrofoils so far. With swept hydro foil design the cavitations could be used as stabilization factor on wavy sea as well.

wFoil concept represents completely new platform for vessels of the future. With no movable parts (except the rudder) it is simple to use and simple to build. It is a great platform for power boats, sailing boats and even hydro planes.

Tomaž’s first prototype, power boat Albatross, opens a completely new class of sport`s and luxury motor hydrofoil boats. Albatross was designed with the help of constant developing and R/C models testing of the last twelve years. It is headed towards luxury power boat market and with the help of investors it could be available within a year.

The second prototype is a small sailing boat with wFoil hydrofoils as well. It is ready for its first sea testing.

Coming from aviation with maybe completely different view on nautical world, Tomaž still strongly believes that hydro foiling will change old habits and put sailing and power boating to a completely new level. Last America`s Cup already prove that!

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  1. Terry Eaton

    I am very interested in your hydrofoil ideas.I’ve always thought the relationship between airship and water ship should be explored more closely. I would be interested in plans,or anything you’d like to share. Respectfully: TLEaton


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