Phil Stevenson

Phil Stevenson 30.4 ktsMy first boat was 11ft long and measured as a moth. My dad updated the rig and I races a short season of club moth races in 1963. Then I went cat and later skiff sailing until1998 when my son showed some interest in moths. I only needed a hot cinder to inflame the old interest. We bought a wide skiff and shortly after built a narrow one to an Ian Ward design. At the end of 1999 we attended our first nationals at Toronto. I was impressed with the people, their skills and attitudes. We both made long term friends at that regatta and still sail against some of them.

Together we made many more moths in the next few years. Some stressed ply hulls, some foam/carbon hulls too. We moved on to foils when it happened. I think I might have been the first to finish a moth race with a foiler in Sydney, not that those early foils were any good, but finishing meant we were starting to make them strong enough. Lots of experiments and some gradual improvements but also many failures. Lots learnt.

My moths tend to step away from the stereotypes and have featured several innovations like elevated wings, unstayed mast and different foil controls. In 2012 I tired of carbon dust and bought a Mach2. After 2 years of clean living I am back in the workshop this year creating something different again. I do not win races but I am now well over 60 so my movements about the boat are a bit slow now. A couple of good legs and some exciting fast rides is now enough but I can still beat the youngsters when it light enough for no one to foil. I am Aust Class Secretary and since retiring from employment attend all the moth regattas I can.

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