Scarliga Merluss AKA Spruce Goose

Project name: Scarliga Mèrluss
Typology: Sailboat
Class: R-Class
Designer: Filippo Cima, Riccardo Bertazzoli, Pietro Ragusa
Builder: Politecnico di Milano

Boat Dimension
Loa: 4,6 m
Bmax: 2.2 m
Displacement: 105 Kg
Crew: 2

Number: 2
Main foil shape: T
Rudder foil: yes
Rudder: 2

Sail Dimensions
Mainsail typology: Soft Wingsail
Main: 14 mq

70% Biocomposites and Natural Materials (Hull sandwich made of linum and Cork)

Scarliga Merluss is a sailboat prototype based on a Moth. It is designed to be sailed by two people crew and it is made following the 1001Vela Cup regulation. Scarliga Merluss’s hull sandwich is made of linum and cork. The inner structures are 100% marine plywood while the upper structures are made of aluminium and bamboo. The appendages are two T shape foils. The mainfoil has a flap and a simplified control sistem inspired by Moth. The control system has a wand that can be trimmed onboard by the crew. The rudder can tilt to get the right uplift to mantain a correct balance. The mainsail is a 14 sqm soft wingsail. It is able to modify its wing profile on every point of sailing in order to have a better lift, up to 30%. It is made by Heru sails. The boat reached 19 kn at its first trial with 15 kn of true wind.