S.9 goes into production from January 2014
these are the technical specifications of the prototype:
– length 4.16 m
– width 2.36 m
– mast 8 m
– total sail area (including mast) 11.5 m2
– total weight 78 kg
– hull construction material: fiberglass + vinylester resin with carbon reinforcement
– crossbars + stik telescopic + mast + boom + T foil rudders + main T foil: all pre-preg carbon processed in an autoclave at 120 ° + 6 bar.
– Harken equipped
– launch price: about 15600

Summary characteristics of the S.9:
– monotype, a small cat high performance, economical, simple, easy to use, completely disassembled and interchangeable in all its parts.
– the only cat versatile, with which you can choose whether to use it in the old style (ie with straight boards without the use of any foil), or by applying ( easily) the foil kit you can transform your S.9 in the only beach cat “FULL” fly on the market.
The basic version “no fly full” S.9 it is still a semi-planing cat that ensures excellent performance and a lot of fun
– S.9 it uses a system of T foil flap to “hinge” the most powerful of the classical systems, this has been combined with a system of automatic adjustment of the flap ( wand ) that ensures maximum ease of use of the boat in full fly
– the front cross member has a conical interlocking system is unique in its kind, this ensures rigidity comparable to modern systems of bonded joints but disassembled in 2 seconds.
– the rear beam has three anchor points to the hull with three bolts per side
– the system of Wand can be easily disengaged from the boards to allow return to the beach where the depths are low.
– rudders are swinging, this one to get back on the beach

– Behavior:
S.9 it is not a perfect boat because this does not exist, but we are sure to have created a boat with some amazing new features and unique in its kind, a boat that can do almost everything, a cat who ” teaches ” explains, entertains and excites, with which you can make a path of evolution.
S.9 it can now start flying with 6 knots, 6 knots but are not yet sufficient to be able to do a race, so we need at least 8 knots, in fact, the cat begins to fly upwind in up to 8 knots.
Downwind is easy to reach twice the speed of the true wind, then 20 knots with 10 knots wind, attention then to do this sport because high speeds are very dangerous for you and for others.
We are not yet able to do extensive testing with strong winds then hypothesize a range of use of the S.9 6 to 16 knots wind then a top speed of about 26 knots, which I believe are very many, however we have already provided a rig from medium to strong wind, 8m mast with sail reduced, also a 7 m mast suitable for children S.9 in fact it is modified according to the needs of the crew that can weigh up to 86kg

On the S.9 we have adopted technological choices and foil systems different from other cat flying like AC and C class, here are the reasons:
1: It is impossible for a individual cat flights constantly and easy without having to continuously adjust the foil, this work should do the crew, but the crew is already engaged in other work, the crew must also think of race, sailing, rudder, and many other things, so the boat has to be in constant flight and autonomous. it is unthinkable that the crew must also manually adjust the foil.
2: a system of rigid foil such as those used in AC is not suitable for beachcat, as the size of the boats are very different in proportion to the height of the wave, 1 m wave with AC72 is very different from 1m wave 18-16 – 14-foot cat. is for this reason that we see some cat 18-20 feet only fly in “flat water”, never wave.
3: it is unthinkable that the individual crew raise and lower the windward foil at each change of direction.
For these reasons we have adopted foil “T” with an automatic adjusting the trim tabs in foil, this is called “Wand”.
This system is used only in the “Moth”, none of the recent projects Flycat used this, we believe it is the most suitable system to beachcat!!
T foil + wand + flap, allow S.9 to fly constant even in case of wave, flying upwind too, have a constant height from the water, all to help the crew to stay focused in the race or the fun.

The S.9 is not just a cat flying very high performance but is already a high-performance boat school, the basic version (no foil) is easy to use fits perfect for crews from 40 to 80 kg, the standard rig has a 7 m mast and a total sail area 10sqm, also good for kids.
It may be useful to anyone who wants to start a long career on the catamarans, the S.9 standard is easily updated with a series of kits adapted to the needs of the crew, the conditions of wind-wave, and for all ages, will surely be useful to those who want to start flying then change to higher classes or massive flying cat.
“The basic concept of this cat is just to have the opportunity to follow an evolutionary path, testing all current and future technologies, without having to change the boat, it is sufficient to update with kits available.”