Eagle 20 HF


This Catamaran will push sailing on small sports catamarans to new frontiers of excitement and speed! Already before the hightec foiling monsters of the last America”s Cup changed the image of catamaran sailing forever the EAGLE team did researches on the  “low-flying” with smaller boats. Now the result of these efforts becomes reality: the EAGLE 20 HF (HF stands for HydoFoil). New and optimized hull shape, hightec foils at daggerboards and rudderblades, a total width of 320 cms and a 30-sqm-genacker are designed for an easy lift off and a steady flight. You can expect 25% more speed and 100 % more excitement.

Length: 6,10 m / 20 feet
Beam: 3,20 m
Mast length: 10,5 m
Main sail area: 22 m2 (opt. 21.8 m2)
Jib sail area: 5 m2
Spinnaker Sail Area: 30 m2
Weight read-to-sail (incl. spinnaker): ca. 160 kgs
Hull Construction: Carbon/Epoxy Sandwich
Price: 29.036 €   tax (Netto: 24.400 €)

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